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Egene Koo  Seoul, South Korea

'Spoiled Godess'
'Neverending Childhood'

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About Egene

Egene Koo is an illustrator based in South Korea.

Her detailed oil paintings are a fusion of nature, fashion, and portraiture. In an unusual combination of elements that is both dreamy and unsettling, richly colored wildlife is crossed with over-sized high heels, well-dressed models, wide-eyed cats, and rabbit heads.

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'South Korea'

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"Beautiful pictures / art and the colors are amazing!!"

"love it awesome.."

"Neverending childhood - love it!"

"I have no education in the language of Korea and so lacked the tools to be able to negotiate the artist's website. I had gone there hoping to see more works and to get a better sense of the artist's abilities and output. As it stands, critiquing only the two works seen here, I would have to compliment the artist's draftsmanship and coloration techniques, but find myself less than impressed with the compilation of portrayed subjects. Though I don't ever like using the word, I'm afraid banal is what continued to come to mind no matter how many times or different ways I viewed the two works."

"In referance to 'Spoiled Godess', That's one 'Hare-y Chick'!"

"Weird but really awesome. i love the shape of the woman/rabbit...and the little girl reminds of me of the grudge! LOL! :D"

"Beautiful... Simply beautiful...!"

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