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Caitlin Karolczak  Minneapolis, MN

'Insolently Shrieking'

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About Caitlin

Caitlin Karolczak was born on the Iron Range of Minnesota and received a BFA from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, in 2005.

Karolczak aims to explores the fragility of the human mind and body. Many of her paintings are contemporary reinterpretations of classical painting themes. Her source material comes from her collection of vintage medical photographs – images which blur the line between artistic portraiture and scientific illustration.

Her aim is to confront the viewer with sensations of the unconventional “other” and of human commonality. By incorporating painting techniques from eras classical and modern, she blends detailed figure renderings with abstract backgrounds and other representational details.

Karolczak works as a professional artist and is co-owner of Spinario Design, a design and fine art gallery. Her own work has been exhibited locally.

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"the paintings evoke some strangely poetic world that we as voyeurs are allowed to peek into...or like an innocent bystander trying to look away but can't ......because the painting's drawing them back into it.."

"It is amazing, Her paintings are very inspiratives, cold and distant atmosphere, it makes me think about the scene and transport me to some determined feelings. I appreciate a it."

"Definetly evokative. Perhaps a little unsettling, but it pulls you in, makes you want to keep looking."

"There is definitely something awkward and lovely at the same time going on here. I want to see more."

"I love this work. Refreshing, intriguing...what a great find. I'm provoked, in the best way."

"the first is akward but the second one is very beautiful."

"love your art. I love the beauty and the sadness."

"what is wrong inside her head?"

"Caitlin's art is amazing"

"The best work I've seen from an artist on this site in a long time. Brilliant Francis Bacon-esque, yet entirely her own unique style. From one pretty young such as herself, I think the works are so rich and deep, and well-developed. In the years to come it will be quite something to watch as I can only imagine her talent growing more greatly."

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