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Andrew Hem  Los Angeles, CA

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About Andrew

Influenced by patterns and cultures from his native Cambodia to the diversity of LA, Andrew’s illustrations often show groups of uniquely rendered urban characters, entangled or entwined, fluidly moving through still spaces from city streets to decidedly rural settings. A quiet energy permeates his work casting the observer as the observed and then reversing it. Andrew’s graffiti years sneak to the surface in his hand lettering which often takes on physical dimensions. Multi-ethnically inspired, and sometimes nonsensical, his dimensional lettering can be seen held in the hands of figures or weaving its way through his illustrations’ plots and settings.

Recommended by our guest curators

Zach Tutor

Curator of Supersonic Electronic

"Andrew Hem's work brings so many influences together in one place and does it so well that the response is always, "I've never seen anything like this before" when I look at his work. This makes Hem something of a magician but nothing he does is a trick or an illusion, it's always a work of art."

Michael Shapcott

Plainville, CT artist

"I really admire Andrew's evolution from his graffiti roots into his figure painting present. The control he has over his work, his overt use of blue, the energy and movement in his paint lines, the exaggerated limbs on his figures, and his realistic landscapes are all qualities I find really intriguing. Andrew's work is illustrative and yet his somber, cool environments slap reality in my face and make me believe that the places he paints are personal and really exist."

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"Wow this is so cool. I like the one on top."

"Andrew is one of the best to come out of Art Center. We love you!"

"i find the colorful magical worlds you create absolutely wonderful. it's a place i would love to live!"

"very creative"


"Your work is great, i love the view you give and the way you set the subjects in the picture."

"Your work is amazing. I hope to own some of your work here in the near future."

"this is fantastic work"

"The way these paintings are composed does make the viewer feel a part of the scene. I enjoy the connectivity of the pieces. There is a spirit."

"Andrew, you are one of my favorite artists! You have such a great style. I love the mood of your work. Keep on rolling."

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