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Kevin Ledo  Montreal, QC, Canada

'Saint Prada of Milan'
'Saint Calvin Klein of New York'

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About Kevin

Kevin Ledo was raised a devout Catholic and educated to be an illustrator and is presently neither one nor the other. His paintings is a reaction to the two, tangled in idealism; mythology and mysticism; beauty v. divinity.

Ledo is a Portuguese Canadian who grew up in a mix of urban and ethnic cultures in Montreal. While art and painting have always been in this his life, he only set out to become a full time painter in 2005.

His work has been exhibited internationally at ModeMuseum in Hasselt, Belgium, En Masse at Art and the San Diego Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal. It has been featured in Juxtapoz, Cool Hunting and numerous other publications.

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"Very cool"

"No comment."

"I don't know if they're supposed to look like air-brushed celebrities, but to me they look like Ray Bradbury martians, which if that was the artist's intention is really cool. They just need yellow eyes, and they will be perfect."

"Meow Factor 2.5"

"Very cool! Saint Mary!!"

"Alot of potential, decent technique but perhaps since he's still so young in development, I think the paintings seem to be a bit on the surface, and only convey what is "current and trendy", there seems to be a lack of depthand are only something that a hipster mag that caters Gen Z or Y, would be interested in. Perhaps in time, when some experience and living life a bit more besets him the style will be more developed, right now they seem one dimensional and lacking any real content, commentaryor context that is of any real substance."

"love them,catchy titles...very nicely the blue eyes on saint prada..."

"Aww, Hugh, Lets see you do it then, and get your name on Artist for a day... Ill be sure to be extra critical on your stuff. Respect the mans talent. Sometimes those are the only eggs in the basket we artists have... Plus, the highlight, and light source of these works are amazing. the orange-sunny-adobe colors...they are very feel good-- That's that Portuguese culture coming out."

"I like the simplicity of these, the almost solid colors. You definitely capture an emotion in these girls' eyes and faces."

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