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Sean E. Avery  North Fremantle, Australia

'Humming bird'

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About Sean E.

Sean E. Avery is a sculpture and an author and illustrator of children’s books.

His sculptures are made from exclusively recycled materials which are processed to appear more organic than they are. Apart from sculpture, his main focus is writing and illustrating stories for children. One of these stories, titled All Monkeys Love Bananas, has been picked up by Fremantle Press and is scheduled for release later this year.

Avery has won numerous local awards and created displays for Woodside Plaza, Remida, Scitech, and others.

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8 reactions displayed

"Utterly stunning. If you ever have a show in NYC, please let me know!"

"VERY creative and intriguing. And nothing like something you would buy in a souvenir shop!"

"your artwork is so amazing.especially since I love the subject and have been experimenting on the construction of a snow owl..made out of aluminum much detail!"


"Upside down duck looks like it has a burned beak."

"Not sure what size these are but they look like mass produced souvenirs you might buy from a tourist shop in Thailand. This is a shame as they are quite attractive and have no doubt been assembled with some time and care."


"These are beautiful, but I also would be interested in the "data" that the sculptures contained. That the information on the cds in some way made up the life experiences of the thing."

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