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Bruno Perillo  Brooklyn, NY

'Beneath The Rose'

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About Bruno

Bruno Perillo received a BFA from School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in 2002. His is currently based in New York City.

His aim is to discover a truth within his portraiture. His subjects are what he believes are compelling subjects of a new bohemian culture in the hope of conveying moments vulnerability and truth.

He is influenced by Italian Baroque and Nineteenth Century French Academies. These stylistic approaches combine the best in realist painting, adding a warm palette and chiaroscuro lighting harking back to the Italians.

By varying his oil painting technique between these two styles, Perillo is able to combine traditional aesthetics with contemporary ideas and modern forms.

His work has been exhibited extensively since 2004 and has won several awards.

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"Prosaically provocative subjects plus Caravaggio lighting equals kitsch."

"Angles, l;ove em."

"These paintings are great! I checked out his website and found other amazing paintings. I'm now a big fan."

"Truly a skilled craftsmen, however the works are devoid of any qualities that would move beyond a photograph. This is a little like looking into a mirror, not much there. Sorry."

"Just brilliant! These paintings have a photographic realism but much more depth.."

"sorry, this doesn't do anything for me. I understand from Chas75 that Bruno can copy exactly from a photograph, I find that impressive in the way that it is obvious he's a well trained 'classical' painter, I admire that but, I have seen painters on the Karels bridge in Prague do the same and in some other major cities as well. He's a craftsman, but he doesn't tickle me in any way."

"I can see only the ugliness and filthiness of sin."

"I wonder! How come I can't get a date? Maybe it's this zit."

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