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Alex Gross  Pasadena, CA

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About Alex

Alex Gross received a BFA with honors from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, in 1990. Since then, he has been a successful gallery artist. Alex taught at his Alma Mater from 1994 until 2005, and was a recipient of two faculty grants there. A recipient of the prestigious Artist Fellowship from the Japan Foundation in 2000, Alex spent two months traveling throughout Japan, researching and collecting a wide variety of Japanese Fine and Commercial art. Part of his collection was compiled and published by Taschen under the title Japanese Beauties in 2004.

His next show “Mysteries and Manners” will be at the Jonathan Levine gallery April 5th through May 3rd.

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"hi i would love to use your pic for a poem that i want to write i love the image that you have a woman in a tree and snake lady i love them all"

"Hey Rob, your comments beg the question, why MUST all feel as you do? Staying in the realm of positive or shush? Moronic.. brings forth all reactions and emotions, comments or otherwise. Why must someone whom comments in a negative tone somehow posses the credentials of greatness in one aspect or another? That is an absurd self absorbed rule to make Rob feel better about his opinion not being upheld by all. There are no textbooks, rules or regulations to follow when judging an image as it hangs before your perception. True art is an open expression and format in which the artist can be and do what they want in whatever form, which in turn will bring a wide range of true and honest reactions and emotions. One does not need one iota of education to express themselves and their feelings for a particular piece. If they did, then it wouldn't be true art. In summary, the wide range of expression from an artist, from a positive or negative reference, will always bring forth the same from the veiwer, as it always has. That is the beauty of art. If one can be moved one direction or another, then the artist has done his job....period. Lighten up dude. I am sure the artist is fine with all comers opinons. Stop trying to protect your opinion, for it shows your weakness. In other words, to solidify your opinion, you need many like opinions or your insecurities come out."

"The artist has a gift and he is technically brilliant. This is a rare combination these days. Alex your paintings are the best I have seen here so far."

"I like it, it reminds me of mother nature"

"wow its tree girl"

"I took R. Harper's suggestion above and visited the artist's website. Taking a broader look at the artist's work was beneficial. The religious symbolism in "Resurrection" was most interesting (lamb, Easter lily, butterflies, roses, peace lily, dogwood bloom, skull, crosses on the tile floor). Would I ever enjoy a conversation with Mr. Gross."

"I like the use of the contrasting green and barren branches. Would like to see or understand how the rest of the picture incorporate more of the theme. Nice work."

"they are pretty cool images. i'm not obsessed with them or anything but they are pretty cool. i liked two of the ones on your website way more than the two here. i have to agree with other posters though about composition and lack of depth. it's good work and it has intense meaning, but i don't feel your soul translating it. it seems to much like book illustrations and less like emotional outpourings."

"it's like a book with out wordsand it's so amazing!!"

"I'm not sure why people feel compelled to comment negatively. If you don't like it keep it to yourself, the artist sees all of the comments and it's just nasty to say anything negative. Real art critics have some scholarship in their field and face consequences for lame work, they often act as advocates for work they are enthusiastic about rather than instant dismissing of peoples hard work. On the internet anyone, I mean ANYONE can comment. It's like snipering from the safety of your home, at someone who is completely vulnerable. It begs the question what the heck do you do that's so great? Maybe next time you post something nasty you should post pictures of you at work for us to critique.Alex your work is really wonderful"

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