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Rook Floro  Birmingham, UK


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About Rook

Rook Floro is Bangkok, Thailand, and currently lives in Birmingham, England.

His art investigates ideas of human metamorphosis and particularly the tension between desiring change and appreciating oneself. Floro believes that advertisements, media, and social networking, friends, as well as our friends and family, all drive us to seek impossible perfection.

Shadow is a sculpture and performance piece inspired by Jung’s theory about shadow, which concerns with the repressed ideas, weakness, and desires of oneself that the conscious mind refuses to acknowledge. This piece represents the artist’s own shadow and desire to be different and perfect.

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"superfloro :)"

"Profound! The explanation is appreciated as much as the art."

"he is amazingly creative!"

"Appreciate his sculptures a great deal; the rest of the works on his website -- not as much. With his wide range of media, he'll have multiple tools to express his vision and ability."

"Es un proceso de vida el darse cuenta de la sombra, que todos llevamos proyectando. Si no existieran los prejuicios esas sombras que dejamos atrás serian nuestra realidad libre de ataduras sociales. Si necesitas algo o alguien para ser feliz, terminaras siendo esclavo de sus actos......."

"I think this is the most dramatic expression of soul connection. I get a mixed messages from this but each message hits each emotion in a different way. I LOVE IT! I get the feeling (when it comes to "shadow") that that being is one way but want to change; to be different from what he is now. Brilliant!!!"

"Wow!As shadow is a performance, a video would be nice.(the figure on the chair is a actor)Question, is Shell a performance piece too? or strictly a sculpture?"

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