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Henrik Uldalen  Oslo, Norway

Oil on panel
Oil on panel

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About Henrik

Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen is a self-taught artist whose foundation is classic figurative painting and academic artists of the late 19th century.

His paintings are atmospheric and often presented dream-like. While his approach is based in realism, the aim of his work is not photographic accuracy but a personal interpretation of his subject matter.

Recommended by our guest curators

Megan Lange

Artist / Co-Owner, Robert Lange Studios

"I wept, literally wept, looking at an Instagram post from Henrik once - it was titled “Efflux" if you’re curious. In that painting, as well as so many others from him, he somehow (I’m guessing black magic but that can’t be confirmed) painted a person’s soul. I just kept staring at it thinking that it was the most magical thing I had ever seen captured in paint."

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"Wait, this isn't photography?!"

"this pic looks really neat"

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"OMG! I wish I could paint that well. I'm only kind of good at pencail and paper."

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"Sorry, but I find it depressing also."

"to drepessing"

"so beautiful"

"Wow so beautiful and Henrik you did an amazing job"

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