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Jeremy Hughes  Oswego, NY

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About Jeremy

My current paintings derive from the expansive image bank found in the Internet, popular films, and other media sources. The paintings deconstruct cultural icons of the public consciousness. The images themselves are artificial, and are executed through references to art history and pop design. The types of scenes often evoke the uncanny, and re-present the strangeness of the familiar fast paced imagery thrown at us by consumer culture. The paintings stir up uneasiness, in a way that precipitates change and invigorates the viewer to engage in a process of dialogue that enhances the experience of our temporary continuity.

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"Thanks for looking folks."

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"Brilliant, Captivating, The artist use of light pierced with much detail. Prompting each viewer to create a story line, I find myself looking then looking again. How can the words entreating yet unappealing end in delight? They do."

"Love your work. Many painters paint like illustrators, or that they have learnt to be creative through studying comic books. I cannot find these traces in your work ... Bravo! I love the way you apply paint, and the way you fuse images. Most importantly, each of your paintings has something unique to offer."

"Very sophisticated, yet unappealing. Talented, yet seems categorized or painted in parts or columns. Odd and disjointed."

"That had amazing texsture and amazing detail brilliant brilliant."

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