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Snake Jagger  Palm Springs, CA

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About Snake

Snake Jagger is intoxicated with the desert. He captures his ecstatic joy in landscapes that border on the hyper-real. People have called his paintings surrealistic because they present a world that seems to transcend ordinary reality.

Born in Los Angeles in 1955, Jagger spent much of his time in the Palm Springs area where his father was employed by Frank Sinatra. The Southern California outdoor life-style and the glamour of the entertainment world helped shape the artist’s perspective. He managed to combine his dual goals of living close to the land and entertaining people in his ideal career as an artist.

Jaggers paintings are a blend of fact and fantasy. He begins with what he knows best – the California Desert – and transforms that raw material into novel images that amaze and delight. His meticulous technique details every rock and pebble, cactus thorn and palm frond, giving it an intense presence.

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1 comment from the artist

"Thanks all for your comments. If you would like to see more of my work, you will need to type in the, the www. is needed. Thanks Roger for your opinion, you're entitled. I think I'm doing just fine, have been very succesfull for over 35 years with those elements you don't prefer. : )"

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"Are you serious Roger.....? That tiny box that you put people in.....restricting their glorious right to be who they were created to be....and their choice to express their passions and their own sad...not to mention.....all the magic you miss by not celebrating the uniqueness of each individual. BTW....just purchased ANOTHER Snake Jagger piece."

"I bought on of his desert scenes from a gallery in La Costa 30 years ago. I love it.Bill Pettersen"

"Found your sight with Marlyin poster and would like to request one signed copy when available Thank you for creating such a wonderful tribute in poster form Looking forward to seeing your creation daily on our wall Cleone"

"I love Snake Jagger. I think he is a wonderful artist. I do beleive people should have self expression of their own, as for you Roger Sadler maybe you should start painting your own artwork instead of telling other artists what to add or subtract from their work."

"I just dig these as something to bring alot of joy and smiles into wherever they are. Inoffensive is good in my book. I would like to see a go at being more daring though."

"excellent workany influence from salvador dali for the style?"

"yep iz cool"

"this is an awesome piece of work and must have taken a while keep up the good work"

"These Pix Are SOooooooooooo Cool!!!!!1"

"Snake will continue improving as he has already demonstrated. I prefer the term fantasy to surrealism regarding his paintings. I don't like the frames and borders and wish he would drop them altogether or limit himself to 1 outer border. In the Mediterranean paintings he used the buildings to achieve the same result as the frames. Snake has a tendency to clutter his paintings if he is not careful. My favorite images are the UFO chasing the stagecoach, the spider, and the fruit paintings. I like the door in the back of the landscape. Many of the paintings don't need whimsical fantasy in them to be succesful."

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