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NFN Kalyan  Miami, FL

Glass, wood and steel
Glass, wood and steel

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About NFN

NFN Kalyan is an Indian-American artist based in Miami. He is the son of a mathematician and a philosopher, which can be seen reflected in his work. After earning a BFA he did not immediately become a professional artist. It was only after he married his wife Bernardette and they had a son that Kalyan resolved to pursue his passion.

His work showcases evolving techniques guided by his broad conceptual vision. This vision deals with a variety of intertwined ideas – reality and death versus the iconic images that are known the world over. His interpretations in black and white are sometimes so subtle they appear gray unless examined closely.

He made his artistic debut at the Red Dot Miami Art Fair in December 2011. Since then his work his work has been featured on numerous websites and exhibited at MIA Art Fair, Art Palm Beach, and Art Naples.

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"ultimate work!!!"


"Brilliant, and varied in mediums...Awesome work!"

"how i feel daily. well done."

"I'd be impressed if I hadn't done something very similar 10 years ago. Mines of Carl Sagan. our techniques are a little different but I pretty much got the same result with light sandblasting and more glass. Wish I would have had access to laser etching would have saved me a million hours. Anyway If you feel like hunting around the WMU campus you'll find some photos of it. Other wise look up my ex in Oregon she has it..."

"this is awesome"

"i like this"

"Great the individual answer to 3dimensional copy invention!could not come up with another comment! your art work does draw attention.But I guess it is known."

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