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Pei-San Ng  Chicago, IL

Match sticks
2,500 match sticks

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About Pei-San

Pei San Ng was born in Taiwan and raised in Los Angeles. She holds a BA in biology from UCLA and an MA in architecture from University of Illinois in Chicago.

Her latest work blends the precision and regularity of mass-production with the playful elegance of cursive handwriting. In the past, Ng has created installations using dozens of identical Ikea lamps or Mason jars, with the aim of transforming them into modular pixel art.

In Chinese culture red is a lucky color, while matches universally evoke danger. By mixing these messages in her work, she invites viewers to look twice. Ng wants to tempt viewers with the possibility of setting fire to her work and destroying it.

Her work has been exhibited in Chicago.

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"amazing! i llove the way that this represents that matches are dangerous"

"This is the coolest thing that I have ever seen before!"

"its so awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!"

"thats prettyish kinda, it reminds me of roses with thornns!!!!!"

"I is very good and it looks like you just took a picture. It is very amazing once you hear the fact that is has been drawn.Amazing. From One of artworks lovers"

"Very cool"


"my dads a fire fighter he would aprove"

"i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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