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Stephen Wright  Los Angeles, CA

'Karen Jean 1'
Oil on canvas
'Karen Jean 2'
Oil on canvas

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About Stephen

Stephen graduated with a degree in graphic design from Cal State in Long Beach, CA. He has exhibited across the US and most recently at Gallery Henoch in NY and Subliminal Gallery in Los Angeles.

Stephen explains his work by saying, “my work comes simply out of a passion for drawing and painting the figure. I seek unusual viewpoints and perspectives that excite my eye, and try to capture that excitement in my work.”

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love your work
keep painting please!!!

ur a very good artist. that's amazing!

this is a surealist drawing it is soo cool

very nice details

It's cool but looks freaky at the same time

it looks so real

you shouldent have done it in back of a mirror

very intriguing!! i love the unstable look, but yet fully in deep thought

intriguing!!! very offset and dimensional


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