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Robert Dowling Jr.  Hampden, ME

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About Robert Dowling

Robert Dowling Jr was born June 5th 1972 in Bangor, ME. Robert resides in Maine, living in a small dilapidated cabin on the shores of Hermon Pond where he dedicates his life to the arts. Robert Dowling is a Musician, photographer, writer and Sculpter but his true passion is painting. He is a self-taught artist working primarily with acrylics and oils.

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"Are we all hanging in air? In reality or in our dreams? I feel like I am there and just that close to the moon. Thank you so much."

"How an I get a print of one of these?How much I need to know, too."

"Absolutely lovely, strikes the melancholic chord in me."


"cool pic"

"really uber cool"

"The moon is so beautiful and full. I love it!"

"that is very creative i like it"

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