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Jessica Dunegan  Boston, MA

'The freedom of being grateful'
Resin, acrylic paint and transparency on panel
Resin, acrylic paint and transparency on panel

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About Jessica

Jessica Dunegan was born in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1977.

Her subjects look solid viewed from afar, but upon closer inspection are comprised of suspended, chaotic lines, with the aim of capturing the animated form of her every subject and its imperfections.

Dunegan paints using a mixture of epoxy resin and acrylic paint. Tubes of paint are emptied directly into a layer of liquid resin so that the opaque strands of paint remain on top of the transparent resin.

Once the initial layer dries, she repeats the process many times to create physical dimension. The result is a unique and organic representation of movement and depth.

Her work has been exhibited across the East Coast.

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Puente de Belleza sobre Moviente Espacio que Acaricia_::_


fabulous! but impossible to navigate!

that is a beautiful piece of art...

different and very interesting
(not in a bad way)
i like it

amazingly beautiful

creepy, but cute!

Like both images - you are still free to move with a seeming improbable grace despite constraints.

Art or porn? Provocative but not thought-provoking. :(

<3 10x!

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