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Kate Shaw  Melbourne, Australia

Acrylic and resin on board
'Glitter Gulch'
Acrylic and resin on board

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About Kate

Kate Shaw is from Melbourne and earned a BFA at RMIT University in 1994.

Her painted collages re-interpret landscape painting and deal with the tensions and dichotomies in our depiction of the natural world and our relationship to it.

Shaw finds that movement of her paint and ink mix, when it is poured, resembles natural phenomena such as lava, landslides, or avalanches.

Once the paint is dry, she looks within the paint pour for shapes such as tree branches, cliffs or mountains, to cut up and use in her collage. The collage is finished with airbrushing.

In 2011, Shaw was part of the New Psychedelia exhibition at the University of Queensland and featured at KIAF International in Seoul, Korea. Her work has been exhibited extensively across the Unites States.

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nice job

Amazing use of mixture of paints, wonderful job. These things can be used for interior room painting.

This reminds me of Pip & Pop! I love it!

Wonderful Wonderland!!

beautiful,joyful, peaceful

AMAZING WORK!!! You did a great job with all the colours. LOVE IT!


love it

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