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J.B. Boyd  Charleston, SC

'us 16 (ghost)'
Oil on panel
'us 19 (dream brother)'
Oil on panel

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About J.B.

J.B. Boyd was born in Montclair, New Jersey, in 1978 and moved to Boston, Massachusetts, in 1997 to study at School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Before he starts painting, Boyd first visits the subject he has in mind and photographs it extensively, until he has documented a 360 degree view of it. The photography process is no simple feat. It sometimes requires perching twenty feet above a flat expanse of the marsh or lying belly down in the mud. Boyd uses objects such as boats, ladders, trees to capture unique perspectives of the landscape.

This extensive research process enable him to create paint elongated, panoramic landscapes in his studio with incredible detail. He will decide on a composition only after arranging, editing and cropping photos. He paints in oils, using many layers to create fine details incrementally.

Boyd currently lives in the coastal marshes of Goat Island outside Charleston, South Carolina.

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"it is such a relaxing picture"

"this is really cool"

"Love it ! Love It ! Love It !"

"I love this artist, it makes my day!"

"Amazing! Could lookat this all day. The way the water is, so calm. The color of sky and clouds."

"oval paintings are not novel"

"that looks so realistic i love it"

"very nice looks so real"


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