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Matthew Davis  Berlin, Germany

'Bathing woman'
Oil based gloss paint on board
'Wading Boy 1 (The Loss of Remoteness)'
Oil based gloss paint on canvas

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About Matthew

Matthew Davis is a Berlin-based artist born in Colchester, England, in 1969.

Using a brush, he lets oil paint drip onto a canvas to form small pools of color. Each pool needs to dry for several days before he can add another layer, making it a relatively unique working process that demands patience.

The end result is a dense, multi-dimensional surface. Apart from large traditional canvases, Davis also paints on large sheets of aluminum.

His work has been collected and exhibited across the United Kingdom and in Berlin.

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"Wonderful technique that brings to mind extensions to other subjects. I keep wondering what it be like with landscapes."

"wow wonderfull thats so beautiful"

"its a messy kind of beautiful :D"

"that is beautiful, i thought it was a real picture at first"


"Ehh... too blurry. I know it's supposed to be that way, but I think they should of made it a LITTLE bit more clear."



"Thats really cool B-)"

"Its so cool"

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