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Dave White  Liverpool, UK

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About Dave

Dave White, born in Liverpool in 1971, had his first solo exhibition at the age of 18. Awarded ‘Best New Talent in Visual Arts’ in the Daily Post Art Prizes, he went on to study Fine Art (Painting) at Liverpool John Moores University.

In 2002, White decided to paint his sneaker collection in a pop art style, leading to international exhibitions and press coverage for the next few years. The collections led to tours and appearances all over the world, including China, Japan, Australia, the USA and Europe.

The latest series of works ‘Superheroes and Villains’ brings a body of work, executed on a large scale, created in an explosive expressionist pop art style with rich impasto oil paint. Inspired by his love of comics from an early age, it was only a matter of time before this subject matter was brought to life in White’s signature style of painting.

This collection, entitled ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ created specifically for the Fame Collective event to celebrate Art Basel Miami, will exclusively feature large canvases. In the first exhibition presenting the paintings to a public audience, the exhibition will be a rare chance to view such a body of work.

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"The artwork on Dave's web site is quite original. I am not sure why these works were chosen to represent him."

"I think there are some serious copyright issues with the Marvel images."

"Perhaps hecause this artist was born in 1971, he may not be aware that POP art - Roy Lichtenstein specifically were doing pretty much the same thing he's done - albeit 40 years earlier. If art is partially about creativity - this doesn't make the list; if it's about appropriation - yes, it does. And appropriation seems to be a hot buzz word - otherwise known as copying or maybe ripping off. Although there appears to be technical know how - there's not a thing going on here that shows me that this artist thiinks or feels."

""There is nothing new under the sun."said about 3,500 years ago."

"Your artwork is great!!!!!!!"

"The images are Marvel'sThe concept is Lichtenstein'sThe paint handling is Dave'sSo its just not original is it! - on the other hand I love Marvel and the paint on his paintings is yummy thick and wooshy!"

"both painting in this order reminds me of a drive-by. Shoot then run."

"Daves work is all about the paint handling.Use the zoom feature on his site on the hero section to get the idea.In the flesh they are good enough to eat"

"you really need to see the work in the flesh. As the paint handling is total impasto 2 inches thick in places. from far away they are graphic representations, up close they are mind blowing."

"hi this picture isn`t the most facinating thing that I ever did see, but it is a futuristic looking picture.This could use a lot more color and to make it better looking I think that even making the background brighter could make the picture look better!!"

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