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Jacob Sutton  London, UK

* All images used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

About Jacob

Jacob Sutton is a London based photographer.

He has contributed to publications including ELLE, Interview, i-D, 10, GQ Style, Muse, AnOther Man, EXIT, Mixte Homme, and Vogue.

Beyond editorial work, Sutton has also photographed advertising campaigns for brands including Burberry and Powerade.

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'Under Water'



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Long live Jacob Suttoon

This is very enchanting and spooky. Love the effect! Bravo!!!

I love looking at your work! it is so calming yet intriguing. The soft edges and cloudy look over the woman's face make it feel as though I'm in a dream. As an artist your work has inspired me to create pieces that intrigue and engage viewers just as yours do. I hope that with practice and dedication I will be able to achieve that someday. Where do you find your inspiration? Also, how did you manage to achieve the look of her being submerged in water? Did you take them with an underwater camera or something else? Thank you for sharing your work!

Are any of there availbe for purchase or print?

Hello Jacob, I've enjoyed looking at your ethereal portrait series. There is a feeling of the inner self there, to which I truly relate. As a point of reference, my approach is similar, in wanting my subjects to release a sense of self and presence, but using an entirely different technique. n
Your own photography? Lovely and worth a prolonged viewing.

This is very enchanting and spooky. Love the effect! Bravo!!!


Hi - love your work - would be interested, if you are comfortable, in knowing
how these images were shot (black/white dreamy soft woman)

This image influences me to appreciate softer images; they are clearly more dreamy and thought-provoking, and they do seem to generate a lot of comments for this artist! While pursuing art photography myself, this artist makes the world of contemplative images so inviting. This work is amazing, and it makes me think of moments of turmoil, rest, recouperation, and prior struggle. Awesome! Well done.

Fantastic works...

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