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Robert The  Kingston, NY

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Obsession with the semiotic erosion of meaning and reality led me to create objects that evangelize their own relevance by a direct fusion of word and form. Books (many culled from dumpsters and thrift store bins) are lovingly vandalized back to life so they can assert themselves against the culture which turned them into debris.

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"It is interesting to me how FREAKED OUT I get seeing someone do this to a book. It sparks a lot of thought the changing nature of items in human culture. At one time, books were handmade works of art - they had to contain things of importance or significance because of the labor required to produce them. Now it's easy to find mass produced junk. Further, our use of media is changing. Why not take some of that mass produced junk and turn it back into relevant expressions of art?...because it's a BOOK OMG AAAAAHHHH Definitely a set of art that challenged me emotionally. ^^"


"Truly amazing...the extremes of duality that can be so perfectly conveyed through a single image! Is it the exquisite links to life or the chain that puts us in bondage from life? Your image of the Bibles and the discussion that has ensued leaves me considering ...then which perception is the "real" or "valid" one since several seemingly opposing perceptions can easily and equally be supported by the "evidence" provided in the image...and even more often is this concept of multiple, opposing perceptions regarding a single image or circumstance occuring in our everyday lives? A true work of genius! Thank you for sharing it!!"

"Wow! Before I even got a gander at the title of the bible piece, I loved it. Though, I am biased as I, too, love to work with the used and discarded. I also appreciate the discussion that the work has inspired; although I am saddened that there was more focus on the controversy of interpretation than on the superb craftsmanship and the beauty of the form. I am also surprised that no one commented on the James Joyce sculpture! I admit that I laughed out loud when I saw it: a book by a verbose writer known for his non-stop stream-of-concsious style of writing...reduced to a single syllable! Absolutely hilarious! Kudos to you! I am definitely saving YOUR website."

"To counter some comments made toward my previous statement, I grew up a very Christian person, the comments I've made by no means stem from an over-simplification of the religion. It is simply this: who told you that there were "rules and regulations" to be lived by? The church, and ostensibly the bible. True, as Christians you go around and then declare yourself free (by grace, faith, whatever) from the rules you just created, but everyone else is subject to them in your eyes.So perhaps maybe my comment was misguided as the bible isn't a bondage to Christians, as they use it as justification for their "freedom" from the rules therein. Perhaps then, to me, it represents the bondage Christians have placed on the "sinners" around them. (Although I still think that Christians are in willing bondage to their religion anyway)"

"hey this is so cool! i want to know how they did that i think that is so awesome...i am so jelous because i wish i could do that it i sooo pretty and AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanx, Zoe *aka* sooner.fan123"

"Wow that Alex guy up there at the top really has a bone to pick. It is interesting with the first piece that you can have two totally different and opposing reads on it, and each viewpoint can be stated so passionately, Alex vs. Tuffy for example. What better can you ask of your artwork than that it arouses passion from it's audience?While I congratulate you on your success in that arena, I must say I think I liked it better before I realized they were bibles. But I'm totally biased. No harm done as far as I'm concerned, people throw out and forget about lots of bibles.p.s. christianity is not about being good"

"This is a great piece of art. It draws attention. Being a Christian I must say that it shows good values. We are all connected and should have a bond and grow spirutally. I am very impressed of this sculpture. I hope you keep doing this awesome work. Thanks for showing your wonderful talent."

"The image is interesting regardless of the meaning. Take it for what you will, but the notion that Christians live in fear of what God will do to them if they don't obey is ridiculous. I'm a Christian and I live in the grace that God has given me. Not that I have earned. Not just some "god" but "the" God. I'm no longer confined to rules and regulations to be held down by. My debt has been paid for and it is through Christ's death and resurrection that I'm made whole in God's eyes. Living in this is true freedom.(Galatians 5:1) It's God's kindness and grace that leads us to repentance. I want to strive to live with this mindset so that I, in turn, would be loving and kind to others. I'm sorry if you feel this way against Christians, but God's love is not exclusive for some, but meant for all. Sorry to turn this art page into a sermon, but some things are more important."

"This work is very interesting. I am in support of the transformation of materials, and books are a great choice for this type of work. the project as a whole can hold a lot of different meanings, which means it can reach a variety of audiences. nicely done.Note to Alex: Careful with your over-simplification of the Christian Religion. I respect that you hold different beliefs, but Christians also hold a variety of different beliefs. Not all Christian denominations share the same ideas as your inaccurate generalization. The bible is not held at the same value for all Christians. Justification by Faith. Look it up."

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