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David Buckingham  Los Angeles, CA

Cut and welded found metal
'Phil Spector'
Cut and welded found metal

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About David

David Buckingham roams windblown alleys, abandoned factories, gritty industrial areas, bad neighborhoods, and the low deserts of Southern California in search of the cast away, the discarded objects.

His latest finds have included 55-gallon barrels, wheelbarrows, tool boxes, road signs, tractor parts, car doors, and gas cans. Buckingham carts all these dusty relics to his metal workshop in downtown Los Angeles, where they are muscled into works of art and large typographical signs. The only aspect of them he leaves intact is their colors.

His work has been exhibited in California, Illinois and Germany.

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"those of you who dislike this art most likely do not understand the methods of construction applied to his work. Very hard to achieve results similar to what we see above."

"Where's the imagination? Where's the talent?"

"kapow is right that is so awesome"

"This work is mechanical and unchallenging, the artist needs to push some boundaries!"

"bat man"

"LOVE IT! Great style--I want it"

"Your work is great made me laugh!,"

"Cool Bananas!!!!!"

"good the best"

"I find the word "homothexual" offensive! Despight that, you are very talented."

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