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Matthew Geller  New York, NY

'Babble, Pummel, and Pride'
Steel, wood, water, glass, pump
Steel, wood, Plexiglas, water, pvc, pump

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About Matthew

Matthew Geller received a BA from Connecticut College in 1976 and an MFA from University of Delaware in 1978.

He is inspired by often overlooked or under-utilized environments, from solitary imaginary worlds within brick walls to public alleyways and sprawling communal spaces.

His work aims to amplify or augment raw materials and asks the viewer to engage with both the actuality and potentiality of each of these materials.
In all of his work, Geller sets out to engage the public and foster a sense of community. The works are playful, accessible, and very often unexpected. By using disparate elements in surprising and interactive ways, his work aims to disarm and enchant, which encourages engagement with the work and among viewers themselves.

Geller has received grants and fellowships from American Academy in Rome, National Endowment for the Arts and New York Foundation from the Arts, among others, Creative Capital Foundation, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, and Greenwall Foundation, among others.

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"Thanks for the great feedback!"

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"Really awesome! Great example of what I feel public art should be about. It's formally and conceptually strong for the people who read into that, but fun and easily digestible by people who don't. I could talk to my professor about it and take my kid to play with it in the same outing."

"I don't understand where the water is coming from?But i love you work"

"the most fun artwork ever!"

"I can see my self sitting on the swing bench, closed eyes enjoying listening to the sound of water on the roof. As well as the sound of the stream. Wonderful. Bliss."

"Thats so cool!!!!!!!!"

"Pretty !"

"awesome, i wish i could think like you"


"I have got to hire that landscaper!"

"WOW!! so cool and beautiful...nice job!!!"

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