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Harriet White  Bristol, UK

Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

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About Harriet

Harriet White creates large scale paintings that aim to convey conflicting senses of intimacy and glamour.

The use of luscious, textured makeup is intended to evoke an immediate sense of dazzle and seduction, whereas the scale and cropping can imply a certain exposed vulnerability.

More recently, she has been investigating the abstraction of photos by means of close cropping and intensified color. By framing pictures so closely, the subject matter becomes ambiguous and almost irrelevant as the intricacies of the light reflected in the photograph take centre stage.

Her work has been exhibited in Bristol and surrounding areas.

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"Too much like Marilyn Minter. You are very talented so be different"

"this is just a dumbed down version of marilyn minter's work. its not thought provoking or edgy, just glamorized and makes me wonder why its conveying "conflicting senses.""

"such a great piece!"

"How is this not a rip off of Marilyn Minter?"

"Its looks cool"

"Beautiful :)<3"

"Beautiful Eyes"

"i luv high-fashion pics like this one!"

"Wow I love it great job"

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