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Braden Bandel  New Haven, CT

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About Braden

Braden Bandel is originally from Kansas City, Kansas. He earned a BFA at the Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design. He has exhibited works in Portland, OR. Kansas City, MO. Providence, RI. and Brooklyn, NY.

Braden explains his work by saying, “I am invested in the idea of painting as a container for the psychological. Much of my research is concerned with the role of gothic fiction as a means of processing individual and collective fears and anxieties during times of rapid social, technological, and political change. Drawing a connection between literary fiction and the fiction of the painted image, I attempt to translate some of the ambitions of fiction writing into the realm of painting. I have a proclivity for the fantastical and the melancholic, which have remained as abiding themes in my work.”

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