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Amory Abbott  Vancouver, BC, Canada

'Love Without Hope IV'
Charcoal and Soft Pastel on Paper
'Fang I'
Charcoal on Paper

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About Amory

Amory Abbott is an artist who lives and works in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He earned a BFA in Illustration from Indiana University and ab MFA in Visual Studies from the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Amory explains the work by saying, “Through solemn and immense environments, I attempt to re-envision Romantic sublime landscape art by exploring the conceptually “dark” commonalities between charcoal, post-human ecology, and chthonic themes. To me, the deep, mysterious corners of the world are places imbued with wonder, isolation, and ancient magic; remote, mountainous places on the brink of transformation, this time perhaps broken open by our own consequence. To that end, my works attempt a foreshadowing of collapse – ecological, extinctive, or fantastical – that requires imagination and action, curiosity and alchemy, and a necessary grieving process for the end of life as we know it. By venturing into my unknown and cataclysmic worlds, I hope viewers might experience mortality, fear, wonder, magic, and at last, appreciation for a planet healing itself.”

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'Into The Woods'

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"It's me again. I saw the Bisa Butler retrospective at the Art Institute last May. I was completely blown away by her creativity, use of color & cloth and originality. I was so glad to see one of her pieces on your page. Funny thing was that there was a Monet exhibit at the AI at the same time. I found myself getting through the Monet exhibit rather quickly so that i could see the Butler a 2nd time. I wonder in 500 years from now who's art will have the greater impact . . ."

"Amory - I met you years ago - I think you may have been in junior high! I'm a friend of you Aunt Carol's and know your mom and Margaret too. Carol gave some of her friends your Bloodlands Oracle cards & book for Christmas. The images are stunning and your writings are too. My favorite is The Old Bridge. It was significant that the text was about friendship, connection and long-term commitment. I've know your Aunt since 1987. It was so sweet to see that you closed with a quote from Mary Oliver. Her poems have been a source of comfort and insight. FYI - Carol has one of your drawings in her living room, a paper airplane heading to a forest - it might be titled Homecoming? I love that piece. I've told her that if it is ever missing she'll know where to look. :-) Finally, is it possible to get a set of The Bloodlands Oracle? I'm going to Scotland with a dear friend in June and I'd like so much to give it to her on the trip and then attend to a card each day. Hope this finds you dong well. Best Regards and Happy New Year. Elizabeth Coleman"

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