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TindelMichi  Atlanta, GA

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About TindelMichi

John Tindel and Michi were born in Alabama and raised in the South. They earned degrees in art and design at Alabama universities. After college, both relocated to Atlanta in search of career opportunities. A chance meeting at a local restaurant was the beginning of the collaborative painting endeavor TindelMichi.

The collaborative spirit behind TindelMichi is a shared desire to pay tribute to our southern upbringing and way of life. And to celebrate the region’s charm and ability to keep things simple and at a moderate pace. Together Tindel and Michi examine how southerners and the south fit into American contemporary society.

The imagery in the paintings are rooted in the history of the old South with iconographic representations of southern lifestyles. Infused with southern charm and regional humor, the paintings tell great stories and emphasize preserving a Southern past.

At the same time the paintings are products of the new South, with influences taken from industrialization, commerce, technology, media and design. Using a combination of old and new influences, TindelMichi paint a heritage that is uniquely southern contemporary.

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6 reactions displayed

"keep on collaborating boys...your work is fantastiK!!!"

"Nice... love the flamingos AND that it takes a few before you see them"

"I like this art. The color is captivating and the graphic quality is eye catching. My favorite so far!"

"so fun. i love the website. please keep painting. and it would be neat if you added gel skins to your merchandise."

"I really like both of the paintings. The colors of the second one grab you quicker but the first one is full of stories and feelings. Nice!"

"I would prefer the bottom picture. I can see what is happening a little better. Although, the top picture does look a bit emotional. To my opinion, the paintings are both well done!"

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