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Jeremy Mann  San Francisco, CA

'Third St. Bridge in Blue and Beige'
Oil on panel
'Construction #3'
Oil on panel

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About Jeremy

Jeremy Mann was born in 1979. He holds a Cum Laude BFA from Ohio University and an MFA with valedictorian honor from Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

In his creative practice, Mann aims to imbue his city, San Francisco, with drama, mood, and personality. He paints his immediate surroundings with intimate, dynamic expression. A number of his compositions are inspired by wet pavement that reflects street lamps and neon signs and glitters in the rain.

Painting on medium-to-large scale wood panels, Mann utilizes a number of techniques: staining the surface, wiping away paint with solvents, and applying broad, gritty marks with an ink brayer. He paints with confidence and flair, addressing complex compositions with colors both vivid and atmospheric.

Since his graduation, Mann has received attention from critics and collectors alike. His work recently graced the cover of American Art Collector magazine and has been extensively exhibited in Ohio and California.

Recommended by our guest curators

Tracey M. Hawkins

Curator / Art Professor

"Deeply evocative of the Impressionist masters, Mann’s paintings of modern cityscapes seamlessly blend the old world to the new. His haunting, sfumato-filled images create a sense of timeless, shared experience and blur the delicate line between waking memory and dream."

Jennifer van Tuyl

Founder, Urban Art House

"Mann’s modern cityscapes are hauntingly beautiful that are visually engaging and creates a sense of living in a dream. I’m a big admirer of this Impressionist master of the 21st century."

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"I have a painting (just uncovered it from storage), signed J.Mann, titled "Traveler's Palm". Looks like a scene from Key West. Trying to find the artist and stumbled upon Jeremy Mann. (Not sure the same person)Love your work. Wonder where you exhibit?"

"All your work is fabulous. I love your style and your topics. Thank you for sharing your gift. Best regards"

"i would like to know how to go about buying one of Mr Mann's art books. I cannot afford the 100$ ones. My teacher has one of his latest called something like sketchbook. Please LMK. Thanks"

"Bravo! Gosto do movimento que a cor traduz e das formas vincadas repletas de energia.É uma viagem visual alucinante que nos retem. Entre a luz atmosferica e a penumbra em que fixa o momento, quase que consigo ouvir tambem...Para que serve a fotografia se podemos pintar?!"

"Some yrs. ago, when in New Jersey i bought a painting signed J.. MANN. Recently i decided to check out these paintings i've collected over the years, and to my surprise there is a noted artist named Jeremy Mann. I looked at some of his paintings, and the painting i bought in New Jesery could be an early painting by this Jeremy Mann. Like someone who may know it is an earlirr painting by Mann thank you"

"Just got the international artist magazine and i'm very impressed by your work.I love all the paintings that are shown."

"I'm a painting student who would absolutely LOVE to meet this guy, talk about his process, and see his paintings in real life... seriously, I've been salivating over them for years now!"

"Is it possible to buy a book abort Jeremy Mann with photos of his workshop?"

"i LOVE YOU PAINTING. especially that green color...."

"Une maitrise a la perfection ,des emotions tres presentes , nous sommes impreniés dans chaque sujet... l' exellence!! Bravo Mister Mann!"

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