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Philip Barlow  Cape Town, South Africa

Oil on canvas
'Strawberry Ice'
Oil on canvas

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About Philip

Throughout the beginning of his career, Philip Barlow specialized in painting large murals in South Africa and abroad. After refining his ability to translate scale and openness in his murals, he began to explore a unique contemporary style using oils on canvas. Barlow is fascinated by light and its effect on different surfaces, especially the abstraction of forms often generated by both natural and artificial lighting. Although he hints at forms and shapes in his work, not all the information is given, therefore allowing the viewer an avenue to create their own stories and meanings.

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'South Africa'

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"love this; you are so cool"

"Why would I want to see things the way I will when I start losing my vision?"

"that's actually clearer than what i see without lenses nor glasses..."

"Impressionism, I like it. This reveals a different perspective when I'm not focusing on what the out of focus images are. Letting go of that demand brings out a real neat quality, I bet it's a fun process. I do think more interesting subjects would make it more meaningful though."

"its creative i alsl can draw ive been in many art contest"

"what kind of picture is that"

"This is amazing!!!!! I love the way this is taken."

"It's Awesome"

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