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Donny Smutz  Nashville, TN

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My artwork was a substitute for getting out and seeing the world. I was in Middle America, and my artwork was my escape. Ideally, I paint late at night when it’s dark, no one’s around, and it’s hopefully raining outside, I just can’t paint in the day when it’s bright and shiny. When everyone’s asleep and dreaming, that’s when my best comes out. And when you wake up in the morning, I’ll have a new painting on the wall’probably something you dreamed about the night before.

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"Wow, I love the picture I want to make it my computer background.I am new into this art thing...what inspired you with the painting?"

"I believe that artists grow and evolve like every other human. At evolves with the spirit , and theres a great purpose for it. Donny's art will grow along with his life. What will his painting be like in 10 years? And will the same people who call it "DALI KNOCKOFFS" still be around to comment? I think that his art in the present is amazing and can only get better. The same with musicians. Name a musician that started writing when he was 20 and continued to go "DOWNHILL" with talent. Me personally...I look towards the future."

"Sadler reminds me of a similar Viper named Adison Dewitt. "you're an improbable person, Eve, but so am I. We have that in common. Also a contempt for humanity, an inability to love or be loved, insatiable ambition - and no talent. We deserve each other".Quote from All about Eve 1950.Yep that sums the boy up I should say!"

"interesting....very scary"

"worthy, very worthy. Looking at your site is cool I felt I could actually see your work evolving as I watched the slide show. No where to go but up man.Good work, like it."

"Very Dali-esqueAwesome!"

"what is art?certainly art must have no limitations as it seeks to express the transcendental. however, it seems as though art has been moving in a new direction which is "let's get as disturbing and nihilistic as possible and then my work will be controversial and creative." Certainly, it is a reflection of the times, but there must be featured artists who seek the ideal who should be praised and then perhaps art might refocus on beauty of beauty rather than the beauty of destruction and entropy. Not saying there's anything wrong with that, but maybe artistic approach is skewed in some sense today. especially during these times, it would be wonderful if art rather than critiquing and expressing fears strived to alleviate those fears with an expression of hope. or maybe i'm just too naive, which is probably the case."

"I love these! Don't stop, whatever you do. You have the courage to experiment. If you don't quit, you will go far. You're great!"

"This reminds me alot of Dali, who i absolutly love......was that the inspiration?"

"Hmm... it seems like Donny is one of the cover bands of the art world.I saw many many elements, even signature characters of Dali and Magritte (example: man with fruit for head, giant elephant...)Talented painter, lacking in some originality."

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