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Susan Danko  Cleveland, OH

Acrylic on Canvas
'Emanating Light'
Acrylic on Canvas

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About Susan

Susan Danko received a BFA from Cleveland Institute of Art in 1998.

Her paintings are informed by thoughts and responses to the current state of the natural environment. The aim is to examine the power and fragility of nature which she views as in a state of flux between destruction and renewal.

Arising from imagined environmental scenarios, the paintings are constructed from memory and observation. They combine observed natural phenomena and perception of memory to create new realities.

Many of her paintings juxtapose growth and decomposition, structure and chaos. Reconciling tension between abstraction and representation, natural versus artificial, are the by-products of Danko’s inquiry and the creative driving force behind her work.

Her work has been exhibited in Ohio.

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"thanks! yes, lots of layering, glazing and masking."

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"wow this is really cool"

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"cool line structure"

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