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Karen Preston  Boston, MA

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About Karen

I have always loved old things and animals, strange dolls and item. I started doing collage in my early 20s. Wow thats almost 20 years. I used to use magazines and papers and such but now I use my mac. I find the process to be the same pretty much. The only real difference being that I don’t have to take out the vacuum cleaner every time I work on a piece. Also the computer allows me to paint into the pictures I use much easier than before.

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"Karen..I love this image of the whales tents and house(on top of this page) I am taking a grad class on digital craft and using the top one(whales) to discuss collage...would you mind telling me what was on your mind or your intentions when creating it - ( it is part of my homework to know that!! )Thanks you so much..Love your work!Allie"

"Thank you for all the comments. I use my etsy address because I don't have a current website at this time. If anyone wants to skip my etsy shop you can also view my work here on my flickr site. older works are here on this website."

"I like your paintings it reminds me of Maggie Taylors art very similar."


"I was impressed by the art, but the poetry was really awful."

"I love it! Words cant express, The picture IS"

"This seems very mysterious... I am sure it has an eloquent meaning."

"I like the dark creepy dream like feel. Great work!"

"I really like your work. Keep it up."

"It feels very copy and paste to me. I wish the images were manipulated a little more. I like the concepts and the colors, but they could be a little more dynamic."

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