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Cecil McDonald  Chicago, IL

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About Cecil

The images in this body of work represent an extended look at the moments and relationships that occur within the domestic environment. A studied and methodical approach to photographic process, the images employ a cinematic and improvisational sensibility, directing the viewer to the unexpected. I’ve constructed the photographs as tableau vivants in order to re-examine the embodiment of the everyday moment. By using family members and employing a directorial hand, I reconstruct moments from a collected memory, moments that on the surface seem minute and routine. In reconstructing these everyday moments I seek to add a layer of emotional, psychological and formal drama to the mundane and everyday activities that make up our lives. This method relocates the reading of the photograph, linking an objective document to an autobiographically infused performance, a staged retelling, privileged by a patriarchal analysis and sensibility.

The resulting photographs expose the everyday domestic occurrences within a family as potentially trans-formative and important moments in one’s life. These works significantly serve to heighten the attention to those things which are close to home at a historical moment when we are more focused on the macro and global. The function of the photographs is to reposition the ideas of the personal, the internal and the domestic. These photographs further supports this challenge, by providing a platform by which the ideas of domesticity can be translated into a formal and aesthetic visual object and vocabulary. Photographs that both inform and contrast the larger complex, constructs of race and class, constructs that ultimately concerns us all.

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I love this picture. There is something so hauntingly real about it. I've been both the driver and the passenger in this photo. What is this artist's website? I'd love to follow his work.

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