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Claire Morgan  London, UK

'Here is the end of all things'
Thistle seeds, bluebottles, a taxidermy barn owl, nylon, lead, acrylic
Thistle seeds, 2 taxidermy rooks, nylon, lead, acrylic

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About Claire

Claire Morgan was born in Belfast and now lives in London. Since graduating in 2003,

The chief intention of her work is to explore the materials of her environment, our relationship with the natural world, and how animals interact with environments we’ve created. Alongside suspended sculptures, this was the first time Claire exhibited the ‘blood drawings’ that have rapidly become her signature.

Her work has been exhibited and collected across Europe and in the US and Australia. Her most recent exhibitions include Dead Or Alive, on&on, Monanism, and Bestes, where she was commissioned for a large-scale sculpture by Château D’Oiron.

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