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Scott Gundersen  Grand Rapids, MI

Recycled wine corks
Recycled wine corks

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About Scott

Scott Gundersen creates his portraits from thousands of used and recycled corks.

Starting with a large photograph that is transferred to a drawing, Gundersen pins each cork to the canvas, creating a correlation between the hues of the wine-stained corks and the value of light or shadow in the portrait.

Some of his larger works have required over 9,000 corks.

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"Wow.. I'm impress of his art work I find it more genius because he's using recycled corks. =)"

"wow i really like the colours,they blend really nice and the detail that has been put in is well done."

"wow amazing mosaic"


"wow thats amazing"


"Read the description people, corks- its made of corks. Very cool stuff, I want to try!!"

"very impressive, I'm impressed this is very unique and well portrayed. If not to forward about how much time do u have in one? Anyway very nice art keep up the good work."

"What talent!!!"

"impressive nice job"

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