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Gabby Nathan  Tel Aviv, Israel

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About Gabby

Gabby worked as an art director in a leading post production company for 3.5 years. She did various tv commercials and animated series. Her biggest passion is character design and illustration in general. She had a short flirt with street art but her new “thing” is toy design. She quit her day job a year and a half ago in order to spend more time on her painting and personal projects. Now she is freelancing and working on her first solo exhibition as an artist.

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8 reactions displayed

"I can not stop looking at your work. Incredible!!!"

"This is great stuff!"

"awsome. i love the colour and the detail and yet such simplicity in the design.brilliant"

"I love it, all i have to say."

"i think this is so raw because its like so gangster and that's how i roll' gangster....."

"Nice stuff, reminds me of some graffiti I have seen."

"Looking through the artist's string of paintings, I felt like they were a ripped, raw, bleeding comic strip. There is an irony to her work - she plays with innocence infused with horror, ideals of feminine weakness offset with strong eyelines, and adds a "I have a dirty little secret" edge. Okay, does that make sense? It's just what I felt while looking through the pieces. Oh, and I LOVE the hippos - hippos to me are very vicious and very frightening. They are that strange blend of land and water beast; a little otherworldly."

"I like how it looks so raw, and impatient.I love it. Enough said"

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