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Ben Strawn  Fayetteville, AR

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About Ben

I’m currently painting on layers of Plexiglas. the worn and scratched layers give the simple imagery of the paintings a depth and environment I’ve always been interested in. Like science fair dioramas in a shoe box.

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"kinda cool"

"will you trbo a lion"

"that is totally crazy awesome-ness!"

"<3 these."

"Love your work - familiar w/ Mikel Robinson, Keith LoBue &/or Maggie Taylor? Think you'd all inspire each other! Great to see such unique work from Arkansas. I'm in Memphis; we have wonderful art locally (MidSouth) & seem my opinion! Wish you continued success!"

"Wow cool. tim burton would love it"

"you'r art piece has great texture it has good imagination. to me an art peice is is more than an art peice, its your fanticy,,its your art and no matter what you cant say an art peice is ugly or hidius or stupid ,, you got to to respect the fact that art is every thing. ben,if you read this very carefully you will understand what im saying. a good frend,nikkie"

"I love your work. It reminds me of Dali."

"arkansas... represent..."

"awsome work dude but the 2nd one freaks me out a little sorry haha"

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