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Clark and Pougnaud  Paris, France

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About Clark and

About Clark and Pougnaud:
Clark and Pougnaud were both born in France. They live and work in Paris.

Clark and Pougnaud on their work:
“Our pictures evoke solitude, which inhabits any human being confronted to life. It looks like a frozen instant of isolation , no matter how many people appear in the picture. Atmospheres are essentials. We take the models round make believe miniatures worlds. Each time a personage is performing a slice of life.”

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"I question people how they do this, and they just tell me it's in their blood. I am an artist too, a 14 year old, and I have gotten many ideas from what you paint and I hope to paint something, someday, that will leave people guessing for years to come."

"seems to me as if someone has taken a leaf out of the book of Edward Hopper?"


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