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Trey Friedman  Washington, CT

'Cost of living'
Oil on Panel
'Trees on a Line #53'
Oil on Panel

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About Trey

Trey Friedman makes artworks about the human perception of nature as a hostile or foreign environment. His paintings, drawings, conceptual videos and installations are widely exhibited and reside in public and private collections internationally.

Growing up in southern Connecticut, Friedman began drawing at a young age and studied life painting and drawing in his early teens under Ann Toulmin-Rothe and Charles Sovek. His training in painting advanced under Jerome Witkin at Syracuse University, and later under apprenticeship with Alberto Magnani in New York City. As a National Endowment of the Arts recipient under CEVA, Friedman began his exhibition career in Philadelphia, where he met his hero Jamie Wyeth, and received a travel grant to Madrid, Spain, which enabled him to study great Spanish Masters on the walls of the Prado.

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"just beautiful as always!!!!"



"nnice addition"

"I cannot imagine a more spectacular rendering of a tree in autumn. This barren tree bathed in lumious light is simply breathtaking."

"That's REALLY cool!!!"


"i think this piece is very eclectic, and it shows a vision of something that is not finished . i think you should call this "Why start if your not gonna finish"."

"The feel is incredible, the work meticulous and unique!I love being with your trees!"


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