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Kelly Lynn Jones  Los Angeles, CA

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Kelly is currently attending the California College of the Art and has shown her work in prominent galleries across California. She also runs the artist community

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"Great paintings. Very enjoyable. Love the empty areas which give the eyes a place to breathe. Love the sense of pictorial space which is somewhat oriental in feel. I have really started to get tired of art work that use lots of meaningless splashes, or pretend-to-be-expressive brush work that does not express much. Kelly's non-decorative and unpretentious approach is a nice break."

"I get it. The concept is evident and "readable." Nomadic tent 'takes on' geographic similarities, iconographic township... unfinished, like the lives. Coming into being, ceasing from being, simultaeeously. Constructively, it comes across like sentence fragments, lacking the cadence or cohesion to be visually poetic. For me, there is no magic here. It wants to tell a story but doesn't succeed in conveyance."

"Although I'm not wild about her imagery, I can'tsay previous comments have any merit at all (alongwith bad grammar etc.) As a Gallery Director, I seetons of imagery based on scaling down environmentsor large 'happenings', it seems Kelly is part of this larger aesthetic, just not very mature yet. Someone to look at that fits this description well is Amy Casey.Keep up your hard work."

"I'm not sure if I should be worried or not, but I "get it." The bits and peices of cultures, lives in progress... unfinished. The nomadic tent, sharing simiarities with the lanscape.Consistent, yes...cohesive, no. In terms of communicaton, these pieces are like so many sentence fragments from a variety of stories, lacking common threads or thematic binding. I find it quirky, and it holds me for about 30 seconds, while I ask, "What is this?! But... no magic, no life, nothing of the seasons and rythm of life or culture."

"I agree with Michael, I was excited to see your work on this site...which for last few months seems to have been featuring the same "style" of work over and over and over again. they're great paintings/drawings, thanks!"

"Pretentious B.S. Anyone who believes the artist bio's explanation as to what this art is trying to say is a mark. A rube. A sucker. Not all art has to be picture-perfect or representational even, but this is just well-marketed garbage."

"i'm sorry too many "artist" today are producing same kind of stuff my 6 year can produce at home. i believe that artist today don't put much thought into what they are painting. i want to learn who you are through you're paintings, and all these paintings say about you is that your lazy. i see skill, but next time put some thought into your art."

"These pictures seem so ... dull. You say you are inspired by the houses and the lives that have occupied them - what a great subject,yet these images show nothing of that. Dreary stuff."

"these are the best things i've seen on this sight in a while, thanks."

"Timid drawings that appear unfinished. Quirky and eccentric. Very subjective. The artist consistently paints the same motifs."

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