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Frank Stockton  Los Angeles, CA

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About Frank

Frank is a California illustrator who’s work has graced the pages of ESPN the Magazine, Playboy, Esquire, GQ, Mens Health and other well know publications. His work is not only well researched and thought out, but beautifully executed.

Top illustration for Playboy. Bottom for Seattle Magazine.

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"It has a very Modern look. It catches reality with a twist of Animation. This brings a new fresh look on Living animation. All time Instant classic.?¥"

"glad you guys like my stuff. bigbebe - These are 100% commercial. This is my livelihood.carlo - I've never been told my stuff looks like manga before--but thanks anyway.f."

"this is really commercial....great drawing though."

"I really like this one because it reminds me of The Titanic. the musicians playing in effort to comfort those in the same situation"

"i really enjoy his veiw point. it makes the piece more interesting (singers) when it could be just another blaz-ay work. also with the bear one i enjoy the contrast of light cleaner colors to the duller darks. very clever way to attract attention."

"Looks a little bit like Manga, at least the ones displayed here. Nice anyway."

"I love Frank Stockton's work! He tends to minimize his pallet while going for wide-angle lens layouts. I've been a lurker at welcome friend or foe for a few months now."

"your work is a master piece kind of creepy but definitely got some talent hiding in there"

"I love the angles and the way you captivate the emotion of your characters. I feel like I'm watching a film or reading a short story just by simply glancing at your art.Great work."

"Great use of perspective. Nice simple style, very effective."

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