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Jacob Magraw  Pasadena, CA

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About Jacob

Most of Jacob’s paintings and drawings depict brightly colored organic forms, sometimes interlaced with architectural scenes. His work is characteristically detailed and his forms delicate and often plant-like. His drawings have accompanied several articles in The New York Times. His paintings have been featured in Anthropologie’s 2007 Summer catalog and on the cover of Chuck Palahniuk’s most recent book, Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey. Magraw-Mickelson’s work has also appeared in Fishwrap Magazine, McSweeney’s Quarterly, and Dear New Girl, or Whatever Your Name Is, edited by Lisa Wagner (McSweeney’s, 2005).

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Josh Keyes

Portland, OR artist

"Jacob’s work has a fragile nature about it and yet the vibrancy of acidic color and undulating layers evokes a sense of turbulent inner instability. The work ignites the imagination instantly, and the more work you see, the more your curiosity grows about what these things are, and the world they come from."

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"love it"

"Since when has scribbling and doodling become art?? Don't mean to be harsh but it is just a question. And I am not judging you as an artist because I have no room to talk but still...I would like to see more dynamics."


"I just love it. It makes me feel good."

"So peaceful. Lovely colors. Beautiful work."

"ps- i on the other hand, think the pale yellow background is perfect. it keeps the main part of the painting in focus and anything darker might have taken away from the center piece! "magnifique!""

"I love how everything sort of melts together while staying very defined. These are gorgeous, they bring peace to me as the viewer."

"Pretty colors. I love it."

"i think its a very inique work of art that needs to be seen more!"

"Besides the cool variety of colors, I find that the work has an emotional impact - at once chilly and tenuously comforting. I am a fiber artist and I find this work very unique and inspirational."

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