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Rusty Scruby  Dallas, TX

'Keeping up appearances'
Photographic Reconstruction
Photographic Reconstruction

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About Rusty

Rusty Scruby’s innovative three-dimensional constructions are a fusion of his artistic and scientific ingenuity. A former student of both aerospace engineering and music composition, Scruby manifests these skills into his work, producing an intricate harmony of math and music. His work has been featured in publications such as the Dallas Morning News, NY Arts Magazine, New American Paintings, Paper City, and Modern Luxury Dallas.

Rusty explains his work by saying, “I use various techniques to reconstruct the photographic material. Using ideas I’ve gathered over the years studying music composition, engineering and knitting, I create what I call ‘visual frequencies’. I work with ideas of tension and relaxation by controlling the amount of repetition in the image as it travels across the undulating surface.”

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