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Peter Ryan  Toronto, ON, Canada

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I love conceptual illustration. An image means nothing without wit and thought.

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I liked this immediately, very much. Right away it evokes positive and humorous feelings, but then a barrage of sober thoughts and images enter the mix.

i love pete's work

Thank you all so much for having a look at my work. I really really appreciate the feedback.

Pretty cool picture.

A cartoon by any other name is still a cartoon.

Oh, boy, another Neo-Pop painter. It is definitely a trend that I like. And Peter Ryan is good because he always has "wit and thought," a visual pun. I like the way he works his backgrounds. I enjoy the cartoon-like drawing style. Horray!

I love, love, love this piece!!! I want it!!

The two pictures shown are good, but the stuff on his website is really great! Some of them made me laugh out loud :) I love it!

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