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Danny Ghitis  Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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A long line of visitors forms in front of Sandra Gil outside the Krome Detention Center in Miami where her husband, Oscar Gonzalez, is being held. On the morning of November 8, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested the family at their Coral Springs home. They detained Gonzalez and released Gil with her son, American-born Joshua Gonzalez, 5, with orders to leave the country within weeks. The family was denied asylum after seven years living and working legally in the country.

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"it looks more like a photography.............."

"The top picture is very sad."

"Im not moved at all. the top photo is nice and movie like, but i could care less for both of them"

"I'm spellbound...the photographer has a special gift of capturing true emotions."


"They're beautiful. The one in the bedroom doesn't even look like a photograph, it's like a slice out of real life."

"This is so powerful. Who says photography isn't creative?"

"Thanks a lot for the comments everyone...If you've got a few minutes check out my site for a recent project from India about a government hospital's burn ward."

"I really like the photograph."

"This is fabulous - the choice of black and white film for this particular project is perfect."

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