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Sophie Kahn  Chicago, IL

'Laura: RGB'

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About Sophie

Sophie Kahn was born in London and received a BA in fine art/art history from Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Sophie explains her work by saying, “Like photographs, my prints and sculpture are made from life; however, they are produced not with film or a camera but with a laser scanner and 3d imaging software. The scanner projects a beam of laser light over the body, which is recorded by a video camera in the handset. The video camera records the beam’s changing contours, and the scanner software generates from them a 3d computer model of the scanned form.”

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I love what can be brought out by the artistic imagination when using new technology as a medium. What type of programing is used to create this artistry, I wonder, as I am currently working on something myself?

I know I feel broke too.

leaving enough to survive

thats so cool i love it

awesome really cool

Like this alot!!

so cool

wow nice art

i like

Interesting piece.

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