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Brian Gonzales  Greenville, NC

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My work deals with the mundane and repetitive nature of day to day life, as well as the repetitive nature of Printmaking itself. Ever since I stared going to school as kid life seemed like one big pattern with little variations. You wake up in the morning, go to school/work, come home, go to bed and do it all over again the next day. My work embraces the predictability of a routine. Each print is made using the same tools, the same marks, and the same print process. Even though my process is very regimented it’s never boring, I do very little preliminary drawing before beginning a print so that the final product is always unexpected.

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"I was wondering if you have a art studio in greenville and if so where at"

"Paper money is beautiful work of art that has often been overlooked. It is great to see paper-money-aesthetics being explored here, and it works very well with the lovely and delicate line work. The potential is so great! Can't wait to see what's next."

"I love it!! The colors are great."

"i like it a lot... reminded me of frida kahlo actually and im not sure why"

"Yea, Brian's work is good and I love the prices on his prints. If I was just middle-class, I'd buy some. I hope he sells some from this exposure. I like his portraits. I like his overlaying patterns.Brian is right that limited ed. hand-pulled prints is the only way to go. That is the limit of inkjet.Anyway, this strange thing happened to me. I got sucked into the internet. I followed Mr. Gonzalez link to Juxtpose magazine then from there I linked to Flicker then there I searched for "art" and there were over a million hits; it was overwhelming.Good luck."

"really beautiful work, i love your use of line and color."

"i like the differnt patterns and overlaying prints. :)"

"I see a blueprint on my life with the possibility of adding to that blueprint however I want."

"Lovely work. It does remind me of currency."

"The only thing missing is the value of the currency."

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