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Patrick Gannon  Tokyo, Japan

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About Patrick

Layer upon textural layer, my cut and torn paper artwork builds upwards to reveal an invisible world that exists intertwined with and inextricably linked to our own. Mythology, the supernatural, American pop culture and Japanese tradition mingle like tipsy guests at a cocktail party. I use my knife to shape each jagged piece, slicing away at illusion and giving form to a wondrous, dangerous and not-at-all-alien world of emotion, spirit and thought.

There is a primitive quality to paper that calls out to be touched. It is rough, textured, basic. I use this sensuality to evoke an immediate, gut-level response.

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"Amazing. They're creative, thought-provoking, gentle yet sharp. My favorite is Gravity and the Rebellious Rock from the artist's site. Hot damn, i heart"

"Wow! Your artwork certainly has evolved. Looks like alot (and I mean alot) of work. They are absolutely fabulous! Keep it up."

"Just as Krystal Kerr mentioned, "I wish I could see these in person."Japanese "washi" paper is the stuff of wonder and Patrick makes miracles from it."

"Patrick is so well deserving for this award. Congratulations to the MASTER CUTTER!!!"

"Wow! Your work sings to me. Everything about it just entrances me. I love everything. It's fascinating and absorbing and funny and has killer execution. Bravo!"

"Very very nice. I was wondering what media you used when I saw this come up today. I thought are these painted wood cuts? Was this made digitally? Do not stop. I especially like the monkeys. The things that come to mind immediately are "mythology" "folk lore" "dreams" and the like."

"Hi everyone. Thank you all for taking the time to look at and consider my work, and for your great comments! I really appreciate it.Mauro - Feel free to contact me thru my website or email. Or please provide some contact info so I can get in touch with you.Satoko - That??s a heck of a dream. I love it. Thanks for sharing!Omal-Hoda - postcards will be available in my online shop as soon as I have time to post them.Krystal - Thanks! Honestly, they do look so much better in person with the texture, dimension and depth of color. If you??re anywhere near San Fran I??ll have some pieces in shows there (this month and next month) at Gallery1988.Chris - Good luck!And a big Thanks to everyone! cheers"

"Finally an artist i am truly excited about on artisaday! these are amazing. such a unique aesthetic and approach. i'm trying to convince my wife we need to buy one of your works asap!"

"The confidence of lines and design compelled me to look."

"hot!!!!!! the colors and creativity are amazing."

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