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Michael Aaron Williams  Knoxville, TN

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About Michael Aaron

Michael Aaron Williams is a painter and street artist from Knoxville, TN.

Michael explains his work by saying, “My art is a narrative, visual poetry, making a social statement to move the viewer to action or realization. An important part of my work focuses on the street, the place in which people live their daily lives. This allows me to interact with an audience on their own turf and observe how they react to the art; it is a social experiment. These open-air installations focus on the ephemeral state of street people and enable the viewer to participate in the outcome of the pieces, whether the viewer leaves or saves them from the street. My goal in depicting street people is to show their beauty, fragility, and to bring their situation into the eyes of the viewer, refusing to let them be forgotten or ignored.”

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"The beauty of the simplicity is amazing and goes straight to my heart. You have were born with a unique talent/gift which everyone should have the benefit of seeing. I thank you for sharing as I am sure many other persons have also said about your work."

"Amazing art."

"Michael I just love your work. Amazing social commentary with a profound message. Excellent depictions of marginalised and deprived people as fine art."

"This art touches my soul. I love the artist's use of real street scenes and innocent children with beautiful flowers. Masterful contrast of dark and light, These pictures pull at my heart."

"Very creative. I liked the bursts of color."

"Love it! I hope you can do something like this in Denver!"

"Totally cool! I love!"


"This is so elegant! We need more of these paintings on the world! People have got some talent!"

"I <3 this! Who ever made this is a GENIUS!"

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